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Vértigo Graffiti

Bogotá is one of the world's top graffiti destinations. Its walls portray thousands of images and messages that reveal a comprehensive approach and a truthful story about it. To walk around its streets is an opportunity to conceive the emotional substance of the city. Bogota's multiplicity is available to anyone who is willing to open his eyes.

The artist collective Vértigo Graffiti has in the past 10 years played a vital role towards its Street Art development. Founded by a lawyer (si señor!) and well known graffiti artists, it created an iconic image in 2013 (The Kiss of the Invisible, a huge mural representing a love scene between two homeless people) that confirmed the importance of social dialogue and constitutes an example of visual empathy. Furthermore, Vertigo Graffiti, conceived and directed for the last 4 years a massive scenario for Street Art (Distrito Graffiti) conformed by a hundred of murals by several local and international artists. Featured just before COVID era in the NYTImes, Camilo Fidel Lopez explained the importance of graffiti art in the urban scene which now more than ever brings us together in the invisible cities in which we used to coexist

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