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IKAL in Mayan means"in search of the spirit"

Ikal Independent Art is a digital art platform that strives to promote -emerging and consolidated- Latin American artists in Europe. 

We are a team of two Latinamerican women: Carla Sánchez Cordero (Mexico) and Marcela Vargas (Colombia) with training and professional experience in the areas of economics and finance, marketing and international law. Passionate about art, we met studying fine arts at the School of Art in Braine L'Alleud, Belgium. Our international and professional experience, added to our passion for art and our Latin American cultural background, prompted us to establish IKAL with the objective of contributing to the dissemination of Latin American art in Europe. 

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As a result of the changes that the conventional art gallery model has undergone as well as the art market in general, Ikal works as an independent - and dynamic - project that tries to enhance the unique characteristics and needs of each artist, finding the means and ideal spaces for the exhibition and dissemination of his work. 


Our way of working is focused on creating synergies with artists, art collectives, cultural institutions, galleries and collectors, in order to generate innovative proposals and projects for the exhibition and promotion of Latin American art. 

We firmly believe that flexibility, creativity and dynamism are the key to contributing ideas and non-traditional projects, which provide artists with a means of positioning within a constantly evolving market. 



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