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Patricia Sartori

Patricia Sartori is a Brazilian contemporary artist and graphic design consultant based in Brussels. As a high end graphic design consultant, Patricia counts with more than 20 years of experience and worked for most of her career in Milan following projects for clients such as Dolce Gabanna, Jil Sander and Tom Ford.
She moved to Brussels several years ago when she started to concentrate in her painting phase.

Influenced by the Brazilian expressionist artist Ibere Camargo, Patricia’s work fluctuates between the fiery gesture of abstract expressionism and the precision and cleanliness of graphic design. While painting provides her with freedom of creation where she is constantly exploring with different materials, tools and techniques; her graphic skills reflect in her balanced compositions where we can perceive Patricia's sense of elegance and excellence. Recently, she exposed her most recent works at Balthasar space -in the heart of Brussels- in the exhibition “It does matter” where she explained her artistic process:
“One of the characteristics of my work is the search for unusual combinations of tools and painting materials. .. In these works I used a thin metal plate as a support for scraping with acrylic. The different visual results depend on the tools I choose to scrape, the amount of paint and the pressure I apply with the metal spatula. The paintings have an almost silkscreened effect and are executed with different trowel measures. In some works, after scraping with acrylic, I used a pure pigment oil stick, giving a new reading to oil painting and adding a calligraphic and expressive layer. I see my work as the result of a combination of my graphic and my pictorial sides. These paintings create a new abstract language situated between expressionist painting and graphic design.”

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