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Patricia Quevedo

Patricia Quevedo is a Venezuelan born, Colombian woman artist inspired by Kinetic and Optic Art (Op Art). Her colorful and three-dimensional geometric work is highly influenced by these art approaches where paintings and sculptures are created to produce an impression of movement. She plays around circles and squares in the composition of her works and uses mainly plexiglass or acrylic. Her objective is to amuse the viewer as he were immersed in a video game.

In her Rubik's Cube series, shapes and colors complement each other in a playful manner. Vibrant, translucent colors explore the sequence of movements that lead to transforming the different faces of Rubik’s cube puzzle. Triangular and square shapes overlap in a simple and yet complex way, suggesting the slow and desperate movement changes to solve the puzzle. Each plane and color refers to the starting point and the numerous strategies and sensations that result from combining the vertices of the cube.

In Tiro al Blanco or Target Shooting series, Quevedo investigates the emotions involved in playing board games, the achievements and challenges that they suppose. The repetitive use of sizes and colors create rhythmic intervals which refer to emotions embedded while playing a game. Her three-dimensional acrylic constructions made of circles and squares merge in competitive and subtle movements, interacting in an articulated and harmonious way where the viewer’s attention is drawn towards the target.

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