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Luis Guzmán

Luis Guzmán is a Colombian artist who lives in Brussels where he pursued a master's degree in painting at La Cambre.

Inspired by Renaissance paintings and emphasizing geometry and perspective, Guzmán's work invites us to rediscover classical paintings with touches of Realismo Mágico where mysticism and fantasy come together. His paintings are full of enigma and hard to decipher. We were curious to know more about some of the paintings we fell in love with at Michel Schoonjans gallery.

In this work, Guzmán is inspired by Fra Angelico’s Annunciation of 1451 where the quietness and solemnity of the figures are hidden by a colorful veil that covers them making it a kind of invented exploration of beauty as a way of representing the divine.
Inspired by Piero della Francesca’s Baptism of Christ, Guzman replaces the centered figure of Christ by a woman who is turning her back on us. We asume John the Baptist is standing behind her as she is apparently being baptized but is it so?
another powerful painting of Luis Guzmán where a Lion is placed at the centre of the image as the main character of the story he is telling us. The man lying on the floor appears to be Saint Jerome who was probably struggling to pull a thorn from the Lions paw. Although the depicted story has little to do with Rousseaus’s Sleeping Gypsy, the colors and position of the figures remind us of that painting...

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