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Juan Pablo Plazas

Juan Pablo Plazas is a Colombian multidisciplinary artist and anthropologist who lives and works in Belgium. He works around the narratives created where different people, spaces or situations meet even if those meetings are arbitrary and absurd. His exhibition at the CENTRALE for Contemporary Art titled “From G to B to K and C” was born from the different needs that are particular to the post-COVID period: the desire to meet, to share a space, to exchange perspectives, opinions or simple stories. The initials of the exhibition title are a point of departure in the same way as encounters are: they come from different backgrounds and come to meet suddenly in space and time, becoming a fertile territory of meanings. It was conceived as a work-in-progress lab project where he invited other artists, visitors and people working at the CENTRALE to participate and start a conversation with. For Juan Pablo, stories become clues leading to what we could not otherwise perceive about people, places or situations. In a humorous way, he invites us to understand objects as animated, living matter.

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