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“Textile paths”

“Textile paths” is our first virtual exhibition where we are honored to host four talented and established women artists: Sandra Contreras, Maddalena Forcella, Beatriz Morales, and Ornella Ridone.

The exhibition seeks to contribute to the revalorization of textile art. Establishing a dialogue based on the works of these talented migrant women artists aims to show the vitality, depth, and diversity of this form of artistic expression.

Mexican artists Sandra Contreras and Beatriz Morales live and work in Berlin. In their textile art, they incorporate through embroidery and painting the sounds, colors, and elements of the environment in which they reside. While Contreras's work subtly reflects the precision, rationality, and criticism characteristic of German culture; Morales' work is a witness and a restless search for a city that tries to reinvent itself repeatedly. Ornella Riddone and Maddalena Forcella, both Italian artists, have lived and worked in Oaxaca for decades. They have studied and know in depth the history of weaving and embroidery, and have been inspired at the same time by the techniques of the indigenous communities of Oaxaca and Chiapas. While Ornella is considered a "symbol embroiderer" by giving a function or meaning to each element she incorporates in her textiles; pre-Hispanic motifs and experiments inspire Maddalena’s work with natural pigments and dyes.

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