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Updated: Mar 12, 2020

In face of the current situation, and thinking about the wellbeing of our public and artists, we decided to postpone this exhibition. Stay tuned! New dates will be announced soon.

Identity, belonging, memories. All the paths we walk in search of our truth.

Those are the realities you can find along the artistic journeys of Diana Valarezo, Claudia Castillo and Ivonne Kennedy.

CROSSROADS is the place where their paths meet, for a moment, in time and space, to let us venture into their universes of color, light, nature, and profound human sensibility.

This exhibition aims to portray the artists’ inner voices while being immersed in a process of creating and recreating their self identities.

The works that each artist brings to CROSSROAD engage in a dialog about who we are, and how our migrant lives give us a unique opportunity to embrace cultures and recreate ourselves constantly.

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