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Updated: Jul 12, 2019

IKAL a Mayan word that means “in search of the spirit”

IKAL Art Collective aims to shorten the distance between artists and the wider public, collectors and galleries. We believe that art can dissolve boundaries and be the spirit that enables paths of understanding and peace. Our collective seeks to show in the ACAF the art works of emerging Latin American artists to bring new, vibrant and different perspectives to the Belgian art scene. By introducing these new proposals, we invite the viewer to engage with their vision of the human experience through the artists' personal visual language.

The featured artists share common cultural roots and rich international lives and research. Poetry, colors, music, extasis, devastation. All these realities inhabit their works. Each one of them tells a story that intends to invite the viewer to step into it, to make it its own, to establish a dialogue...

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