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VERTIGO Grafitti


Inés Hüni & Luciana Biondo

Street Art is associated with the term “independent art”. As such it is created in public locations for public visibility and frequently intended to make a personal statement - whether it is to raise awareness of social and political issues or to bring beauty to the urban scene. Recently, Covid-19- inspired Street Art has cropped up.

Bogotá is one of the world's top graffiti destinations. Its walls portray thousands of images and messages that reveal a comprehensive approach and a truthful story about it. To walk around its streets is an opportunity to conceive the emotional substance of the city. Bogota's multiplicity is available to anyone who is willing to open his eyes.

The artist collective Vértigo Graffiti has in the past 10 years played a vital role towards its Street Art development. Founded by a lawyer (si señor!) and well known graffiti artists, it created an iconic image in 2013 (The Kiss of the Invisible, a huge mural representing a love scene between two homeless people) that confirmed the importance of social dialogue and constitutes an example of visual empathy. Furthermore, Vertigo Graffiti, conceived and directed for the last 4 years a massive scenario for Street Art (Distrito Graffiti) conformed by a hundred of murals by several local and international artists.

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Historias de Mexicanas Chidas 

Inés Hüni & Luciana Biondo

Luciana Biondo (writer) and Inés Hüni (illustrator) are hard at work during this isolation period to bring to life the first inclusive book about today's women in Mexico. 

This is a book to empower girls and women, telling the stories of brave, bright, courageous, real women of our time. 

We invite you to know more and be part of this amazing project by supporting the publication of this book.

Go to kck.st/39Cqtvt

Diana Valarezo 

Brussels based, Ecuadorean artist

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Diana is an Ecuadorean artist that lives and works between Brussels and Quito.

Before the quarantine began, she moved to her new studio and is finding inspiration in every day utensils. This surreal time that we are living in has invited Diana to revisit a series of work in which she transforms household objects into hybrids that transport us to an imaginary world. They are freed from their domestic surroundings and escape their confined space, acquiring a whole new meaning.


Claudia Castillo Guío

Brussels based, Colombian artist

Mindfulness and Creativity Workshop by Claudia Castillo Guío

During this time of universal difficulties, more than ever we need Art to enhance our mental and spiritual wellness. Being artful during COVID times is an opportunity to go inside ourselves for clarity and wisdom. We are happy to share that the 21 Day Mindfulness and Art challenge guided by Claudia Castillo Guío was a success and gathered a group of 34 people who actively participated in this daily exercise. We learned from each other and joined in a wonderful meditation/art making routine that connected us deeply. We would like to share some of the amazing works that have been created during these past days. We are ever grateful and thankful to Claudia Castillo Guío for this transformative experience!

" There were many sources that inspired this invitation, and even today those 21 days are extended. We did not know exactly how the days of vulnerability where going to pass. It's like if we would had travelled through time in an interior cabin, fully tuned, without almost knowing one another.Connected from the heart, immersed in a personal creative flow process. We developed a different way to have a relationship with life. 

I am very grateful to have projected and echoed the trust that each one of you deposited in the participation in this trip. Thank you! And thank you Ikal!" Claudia Castillo Guío

Ivonne Kennedy

Oaxaca, Mexico

Interview by Mariana Castillo (@marviajaycome) for Idílica Magazine. May 12th 2020 

Text in Spanish

Ivonne lives in the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s main cultural hubs where vibrant cultures meet and colorful festivals take place year round. She is a painter of urban geometries and architectural reminiscences full of mystical symbolism and graphic poetry of the ancient alchemists. During this time of confinement and inner reflection, Ivonne is determined to triumph over the swirl of uncertainties before us and embrace this moment to activate her creativity. A woman full of energy and projects, she directs the women’s artist collective “Arte Guenda” encouraging her Art colleagues to use their creative forces to help them innovate and keep their connection going. Let Art heal us and bring us together during this COVID times!

Carlos Vivar

Mexico City

Carlos lives and works in Mexico City. One of his favorites artists of all times is Pablo Picasso and, like the great master, Carlos believes hard work is the main fuel for inspiration when it comes to creating art. True to his motto, he works every day in his studio for long hours, producing unique textured paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures full of powerful colors and vitality, in an attempt to capture life’s energy itself. Take a look at his latest creations during these last days of reflection where he would like to spread a clear message: “pensemos, reflexionemos y volvamos a ser humanos”. Let’s think, reflect and go back to being brothers and sisters.
Carlos is also an accomplished chef and loves to treat his family with delicious Mexican specialities. We hope we can get together soon and enjoy some of those along a big table real soon! In the meantime, stay safe and let art keep us close! 


Pensemos, reflexionemos y volvamos a ser hermanos 

Mixed media on canvas

Arturo Prins

Madrid based, Argentinean artist

Arturo is now living and working in Nice. He planned the trip long ago to find inspiration in Matisse’s city and made it there last February. He is living these days fully immersed in his paintings, inspired by the sea and sun. Here we are showing his latest work in the intimacy of his studio. Truthful always to his style, Arturo’s works are full of light, joy and spirituality. Warm and comforting to our souls.


Nice, Matisse et moi

Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas

Video about:

Me gustan la velocidad y la desnudez

Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas

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